If you find a hair dresser that's good at corrective hair color you have found a good hair color artist.
A superior color artist is one who can fix mistakes made by another stylist or even one they themselves have made. Even the most experienced hair stylist can run into situations where they need to alter the tone of a color they have applied.

I have been specializing in advanced hair color for 12 of my 27 year career and can fix most problems that may occur from the application of artificial hair color.

Always go to a licensed hair dressing professional for all of your hair color needs!
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Hair color is always changing and so the
formula must change with it , a COLOR SPECIALIST is the only one that has the experience to give you the best possible color time after time . I'll give you a tip here: Never attempt to lighten your hair yourself , It is one of the most tricky procedures in the hair dressing industry and should always be done by a licensed professional.